Cyber incidents are unique thanks to their technological and legal complexity and the exponential rate at which financial loss and reputational damage can grow. They give rise to a combination of interconnected technological, legal, forensic and insurance issues all of which may need to be addressed immediately after an incident has been discovered.

Cyber incidents cannot be managed by lawyers or IT professionals alone. Those managing a cyber-incident must have a range of technical, legal, forensic and crisis management skills so that in the case of incidents affecting the integrity of data or a computer network:

  • The affected system can be repaired.
  • Evidence of the origins of the incident is identified and preserved.
  • Those affected are notified where appropriate.
  • Financial loss and damage to reputation is minimised.
  • Incidents are reported to the Information Commissioner where appropriate.
  • Legal claims both by and against the victim are efficiently handled and in cases arising from multimedia risk:
    • Offending material is removed from a website as quickly as possible.
    • Legal consequences of the defamatory statement or intellectual property infringement in terms of expensive litigation can be minimised.

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