CyberATLAS audit service will help you determine your level of compliance against internal and /or other standards by conducting an independent audit of your people, processes, information, technology and / or facilities. This is especially useful when evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls. Our findings may identify areas requiring substantial attention or may simply recommend minor modifications to ensure the level of compliance sought can be achieved.

Is your business compliant with all its legal, regulatory, statutory and client obligations?
The following areas are considered in the audit process:

  • Scoping the audit – does the scope include all required elements to drive the correct level of assurance?
  • Independent analysis and assessment of controls –is the effectiveness and efficiency of implemented controls being independently verified?
  • Interviewing key personnel –is documentation verified to confirm that it actually represents what happens on the ground?
  • Evidence gathering – is supporting evidence gathered during an investigation?

A formal report will be documented, incorporating all aspects of the audit. A formal closing meeting will be held, to ensure that audit findings are communicated consistently and concisely to all stakeholders and interested parties.