This enables businesses of all sizes to assess and improve their resilience to common business risks such as hacking, loss of information and malicious software. Most of the precautions against these types of common problem are based on people knowing the right thing to do – and doing it. The Cyber resilience package is designed to:

  • Be affordable to any size of organisation.
  • Not require consultancy (so you won’t have to pay for expensive consultants).
  • Be in plain English.
  • Have lots of examples and advice you can use in your own business.
  • Provide optional accreditation to Cyber-standards.

The package consists of three stages:

  • Assessment – a web based self-assessment questionnaire and report with recommendations, independently validated by professional cyber experts.
  • Toolkit & Learning – access to a resource library including templates, examples, assessments techniques to help improve your cyber resilience, AND, Learning through an easy to understand on-line course, enabling you to apply good practice in cyber security for your business.
  • Accreditation – independent confirmation that you have met the qualification criteria for recognised industry cyber standards, which help to secure you reduced cyber insurance premiums.