Cyber-ATLAS Assessment identifies the areas where the organisation falls below recognised standards of cyber-resilience by identifying the organisation’s exposures and weaknesses and the steps it needs to take to address them.

Cyber-ATLAS Assessment is an on-line assessment of:

  • the cyber risks to which an organisation is individually exposed such as denial of service attacks, system malfunctions, data breaches, theft of confidential information and cyber-extortion.
  • the current status of the organisation’s technical, organisational and physical cyber-security.

The report produced by the on-line assessment is checked and validated by one of our team. A green, amber, or red result is included, along with specific recommendations for improvement where necessary.

Completion of the elearning package will increase the likelihood that your organisation will pass the assessment.

Click here to launch the Assessment portal.
Click here to launch the Accreditation Re-Assessment portal.