At the core of Cyber-ATLAS is a unique eLearning course for both staff and management with a Cyber-TOOLKIT of templates, examples, assessments, and techniques. Together these two components provide comprehensive cyber-education, training and practical guidance on all of the technical, legal and organisational aspects of cyber risk management.

Cyber-ATLAS Toolkit and Learning is:

  • In plain easy to understand English;
  • Consultancy-free;
  • Consistent with the widest range of industry and government cyber security standards.

It provides the ideal follow-on from the Cyber-ATLAS Assessment, and provides the complete course of education for staff and management comprising:

  • Physical security.
  • Organisational security.
  • Technical security measures.
  • Ensuring the cyber-security of third party suppliers and for business partners.
  • Incident response and business continuity.
  • Cyber insurance.
  • Toolkit providing: a suppliers’ letter; information on key legal issues; practical guidance on implementing security measures and key legal documents

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