We have developed a range of Cyber related training and awareness material to ensure that staff and contracted resources are fully aware of the threats, risks and vulnerabilities within their organisation.

The training is delivered over two days at nominated locations agreed with the customer. The package incorporates structured lessons and advice as well practical workshops for each module of the course, helping your staff to better understand the content in each subject area. An examination at the end of the course provides assurance that course attendees have fully understood the aims:

  • The ability to classify assets.
  • Understanding of the Threats in the wild.
  • Understanding of Vulnerabilities that exist within organisations.
  • Understanding of the Risks posed within cyberspace.
  • Awareness of available controls.
  • Understanding of organisational Governance, Risk Management and Compliance requirements / regimes.
  • Detailed understanding of the Cyber Standard.
Cyber-ATLAS Primer subject areas